Milwaukee Comedy Festival

Schedule Of Events

11 Years of Laughs! We have packed as much funny into every show possible!  Every show is different and will offer something for every comedy taste.  You can see every show on this list with an All Access Pass, available now! The annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival will take place August 4-7th, 2016. Along with shows at the Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St. (Aug. 4, 5, 6th), MCF is excited to present Headliner Jen Kirkman at The Historic Turner Hall Ballroom, 1040 N. 4th St. on  Sun. Aug. 7th the final day of the festival.

Schedule of Events |
Kick Off Events | Thurs. Aug 4 | Fri. Aug. 5 | Sat. Aug. 6Sun. Aug. 7

Comedy Festival Schedule of Events

A huge amount of laughs! Every show is different and includes stand up, sketch comedy, improvisation, along with Special Guests, giveaways and more!
Note: schedule is subject to change.

2016 Schedule of Shows

Tuesday, August 2

at Club Garibaldi

Milwaukee Record presents The Roast Of Milwaukee

Wednesday, August 3

at Lakefront Brewery

Official Kickoff Event at Lakefront Brewery
Ton Johnson, Phil Davidson, Bekah Cosgrove and special guest Adam Burke!

Thursday, August 4

at Next Act Theatre

Matt Werner (Host) – Stand Up, Milwaukee
Broadminded – Sketch Comedy, Milwaukee
David Louis – Stand Up, Milwaukee
Sketch Marks – Sketch Comedy, Milwaukee
Chris Schmidt – Stand Up, Milwaukee


at Next Act Theatre

Terence Hartnett (Host) – Stand Up, Chicago
Improvised Mythology – Improv, Chicago
John Egan – Stand Up, Green Bay
Kelsie Huff – Stand up, Chicago

at Next Act Theatre

Mike Hover (Host) – Stand Up, Chicago
Variety Hour Happy Hour – Sketch, MKE
Brian O’ Sullivan – Musical Comedy, L.A.
Bobby Hill – Stand Up, Chicago


at Next Act Theatre

A Visitor’s Guide To Springfield Live Podcast

at Next Act Theatre

David Rader (Host) – Stand Up, Chicago
Brian Bayer – Musical Comedy, Milwaukee
Amanda Cohen – Stand Up, Chicago
Sameena Mustafa – Stand Up, Chicago

at Next Act Theatre

Will Green (Host ) – Stand Up, Portland
Rehner & Nixon – Sketch Comedy, Chicago
Andy Fleming – Stand Up, Chicago
Jim Flannigan – Stand Up, Chicago

at Next Act Theatre

Steven King (Host) – Stand Up, Chicago
…And Beyond – Improv, Chicago
Arish Singh – Stand Up, Chicago
Xavier Lamont – Stand Up, Chicago

at Next Act Theatre

Andrea Guzzetta (Host) Stand Up, Milwaukee
The Journal – Improv, Milwaukee
The Comic Thread – Sketch, Chicago
Damon Millard – Stand Up, NYC


at The Underground Collaborative

Late Late Breakfast Show

Expect anything and everything out of the ordinary, all of it held together by solid, hilarious standup comedy.Featuring comedy from Xavier Lamont, Arish Singh, Steven King, Andy Fleming, Sameena Mustafa, Greg Bach, Carly Malison, Mike Berg, Christopher Schmidt, Nick Martin, Kristen Clifford, Cameron Gillette, Lainie Lenertz, and Reena Calm

at The Underground Collaborative

Milwaukee Record Live Podcast!

at Historic Turner Hall Ballroom

Jen Kirkman (FESTIVAL HEADLINER) – Stand Up, Los Angeles
with Feature Allison Dunne – Stand Up, Chicago

Schedule is subject to change.

See every show on this list with an All Access Pass, available now!

Schedule of Events |
Kick Off Events | Thurs. Aug 4 | Fri. Aug. 5 | Sat. Aug. 6Sun. Aug. 7