Comedy Fest Day 1 – Thurs. Aug 4

A huge amount of laughs! Every show is different and includes stand up, sketch comedy, improvisation, along with Special Guests, giveaways and more!

11 Years of Laughs! We have packed as much funny into every show possible!  Every show is different and will offer something for every comedy taste.  You can see every show on this list with an All Access Pass, available now! The annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival will take place August 4-7th, 2016. Along with shows at the Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St. (Aug. 6, 7, 8th), MCF is excited to present a Headliner Jen Kirkman at The Historic Turner Hall Ballroom, 1040 N. 4th St. on  Sun. Aug. 7th the final day of the festival.

Schedule of Events |
Kick Off Events | Thurs. Aug 4 | Fri. Aug. 5 | Sat. Aug. 6Sun. Aug. 7

Thursday, August 4

at Next Act Theatre

Matt Werner (Host) – Stand Up, Milwaukee

MattWernerI began performing stand up in Milwaukee 2 1/2 years ago, taking a shot at the Open Mic Under the Stairs at Karma. Since then, I have been performing stand up regularly across the state, and have branched out into sketch comedy and improv. My stand up style involves catching the audience off-guard with dry wit and surprise, and I have recently found success infusing my sets with personal anecdotes illustrating my adorably confused personality. I have opened for Shane Mauss and Johnny Beehner at Milwaukee’s Comedy Cafe, and I am a regular host at Jokerz Comedy Club. I was a cast member in Bye Bye Liver: The Milwaukee Drinking Play, and in January, I officially became a player at Comedy Sportz Milwaukee.

Broadminded – Sketch Comedy, Milwaukee

woman bathroomBroadminded first started performing sketch comedy together at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival (née Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival) in 2006, the year of the Dog.  Being born in the year of the Dog, broadminded is loyal, honest, amiable, and kind. Luckily, because of our good nature, we tend not to be criminals; however, we may leave others the impression of a stubborn personality and pessimistic point of view. Members Stacy Babl, Anne Graff LaDisa, Melissa Kingston, and Megan McGee all write, perform, and direct broadminded sketches and videos, volunteer in the community, help elderly citizens cross the street, turn in found wallets, but refuse to call the Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival by its new name because the world is ultimately evil and complicated.

David Louis – Stand Up, Milwaukee

davidlouisSometime in our youth we decide to develop certain traits to project worth to gain social connectedness. After I failed to grow 7 feet I realized I would never dunk, and decided instead to make people laugh. I began my stand-up career in Colorado, then I moved to New York to develop my craft, now I live in the dairy state of Wisconsin, and if you don’t like ice cream puns life’s gonna be a real rocky road for ya. I’ve worked with Rich Williams, Sean O’Donnell, and Stuwert Huff, I’ve been seen at comedy works, and the comedy cafe.

Sketch Marks – Sketch Comedy, Milwaukee

SketchmarksIn little more than two years, we have been honored to perform our eclectic sketch comedy at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival (2014 and 2015) and the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (2016). We are three men and three women, experienced comedians individually, sharing the fun of our friendship on stage.

Chris Schmidt – Stand Up, Milwaukee

Christopher SchmidtA lover of language and sucker for structure, Chris embraces wordplay and verbal sleight of hand to craft punchlines that are as sneaky as they are satisfying. Childless dad joker, savage as fudge, optimistic nihilist–Chris can be described in a number of unfavorable terms, yet somehow they all combine to form an endearing and frustratingly irresistible package, a man who lives to make laughs. Christopher is the winner of Milwaukee’s Funniest Comic 2014, appeared in the Milwaukee Comedy Festival and Louisville’s Derby City Comedy Festival , produces the Duck and Cover Comedy Hour and Hot Room Comedy Showcase. He has opened for Nick Vatterott, Kevin McCaffrey, Tom Clarke, Tommy Ryman, and Chastity Washington among others.

Schedule of Events |
Kick Off Events | Thurs. Aug 4 | Fri. Aug. 5 | Sat. Aug. 6Sun. Aug. 7

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