Comedy Fest Day 1

Comedy Fest Day 1A huge amount of laughs! Every show is different and includes stand up, sketch comedy, improvisation, along with Special Guests, giveaways and more!

The tenth annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival will take place August 6-9th, 2015. Along with shows at the Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St. (Aug. 6, 7, 8th), MCF is excited to present a Headliner Brian Posehn at The Historic Turner Hall Ballroom, 1040 N. 4th St. on  Sun. Aug. 9th the final day of the festival.

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Thursday, August 6th, 8pm

Jason Hillman (Host), Stand Up – Milwaukee, WIJason Hillman
A byproduct of the cultural run-off of the neon slime 80’s, Jason Hillman is an award winning comic, actor, disaster, who has toured the country in search of that elusive holy grail of truth: Who the hell am I? Seeking the answer to his flaws through a knife sharp dissection of the flaws of life itself, Jason has been delighting and confusing audiences with his sort of unique blend of social commentary and beard care. He has performed with many people you like, probably the one you like the most. He has performed at LaughFest, The Great American Comedy Festival, countless frat basements, his dementia riddled grandfathers TV and on a boat. It was a pretty big boat.

Jason is an advocate and speaker for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and provides outreach and training services for local,state,and national police forces. What a weird balance.

Broadminded, Sketch Comedy – Milwaukee, WIBroadminded

Broadminded first started performing sketch comedy together at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival (née Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival) in 2006, the year of the Dog. Being born in the year of the Dog, broadminded is loyal, honest, amiable, and kind. Luckily, because of our good nature, we tend not to be criminals; however, we may leave others the impression of a stubborn personality and pessimistic point of view. Members Stacy Babl, Anne Graff LaDisa, Melissa Kingston, and Megan McGee all write, perform, and direct broadminded sketches and videos, volunteer in the community, help elderly citizens cross the street, turn in found wallets, but refuse to call the Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival by its new name because the world is ultimately evil and complicated.

T.I.M., Musical Improv – Milwaukee, WIThe Improvised Musical
TIM (The Improvised Musical) is one of the largest improv shows in Milwaukee, WI. Founded in 2011 by Mary Baird and Jacob D. Bach the show has now evolved into an event with an incredible cast, pit, and crew.

TIM tours the country while still doing their home shows at CSz Milwaukee. TIM also has 3 formats that they are able to perform (full show, cabaret, and song cycle).

The audience will suggest the title of a musical that has never been made and from there on the cast and pit takes the audience on a wild ride though song, dance, and improvised scenes.

Zach Peterson, Stand up – Chicago, ILZach Peterson

Zach Peterson creates thoughtful and different comedy with uncommon takes on common subjects. His jokes have a political tinge from someone who is sick of politics as usual . When Zach is not touring the country with the likes of Dave Ross or Timmy Williams from The Whitest Kids you Know, he makes his home in Chicago IL. In Chicago, Zach helps run the Arguments and Grievances comedy debate show that was just named “Best Variety Show” by Chicago Magazine and recently featured at LA’s Nerdmelt Theater. He is also one of the organizers of the Comedy Exposition of 2014 Chicago’s first DIY stand up festival.

In the past he has worked with such comedians as Sean Patton, The Sklar Brothers, Doug Benson and others. He has performed at High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver , Hell Yeah fest in New Orleans. He continues to tour the country in clubs and rock clubs.

Schedule of Events |
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