Comedy Fest Day 2 – Fri. Aug 5

A huge amount of laughs! Every show is different and includes stand up, sketch comedy, improvisation, along with Special Guests, giveaways and more!

11 Years of Laughs! We have packed as much funny into every show possible!  Every show is different and will offer something for every comedy taste.  You can see every show on this list with an All Access Pass, available now! The annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival will take place August 4-7th, 2016. Along with shows at the Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St. (Aug. 6, 7, 8th), MCF is excited to present a Headliner Jen Kirkman at The Historic Turner Hall Ballroom, 1040 N. 4th St. on  Sun. Aug. 7th the final day of the festival.

Schedule of Events |
Kick Off Events | Thurs. Aug 4 | Fri. Aug. 5 | Sat. Aug. 6Sun. Aug. 7


at Next Act Theatre

Terence Hartnett (Host) – Stand Up, Chicago

TerenceHartnettTerence Hartnett is a Chicago-based standup comedian even though he looks like he hosts a game show about yachts. A former high school English teacher and virgin, Hartnett mines comedy from his embarrassing life experiences and also the life experiences that weren’t supposed to be that embarrassing. He has performed at Chicago’s Laugh Factory and the Riptide Comedy Festival and your mom would love him.

Improvised Mythology – Improv, Chicago

Improvised Mythology asks the audience for a question ImprovisedMythologyregarding Nature (Why is the ocean so large? Why do birds fly), and then we create an original comedic myth involving mortals, monsters, and gods. Dressed in simple ancient garbs, we create a single story that ends with the answer to the question we were given at the start.

John Egan – Stand Up, Green Bay

JohnEganJohn Egan is a comedian originally from Milwaukee and now in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He doesn’t know why. He has been doing improv and stand-up since high school. He currently performs throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. After going to college and trying the working life for 4 years, he realized what a terrible mistake he had made and got serious about doing comedy. He has opened for comedy greats such as TJ Miller, Pete Holmes, Kyle Kinane and Nikki Glaser. He has performed at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Cleveland Comedy Festival and Laughfest. John is a regular in the Wisconsin comedy scene and a regular in bars.

Kelsie Huff – Stand up, Chicago

Kelsie Huff is a Chicago based comedian performing at venues such as Zanies, Chicago’s Laugh Factory, UP Comedy, Mayne Stage, Comedy on State (Madison) and throughout the suburbs. She has also performed at several comedy festivals including; New Orleans, North Carolina, BostonKelsieHuff Women in Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, All Dick No Jane, Chicago Funny Female Festival and Chicago Comedy Exposition.

Huff’s humor has “an infectious joyousness that makes you happy to be alive” and she “makes confident choices and creates loud, defined characters that are both unbearable and hilarious”. Kelsie has been described as a “Midwestern American Intangible Cultural Treasure” who makes the audience feel as though they have been transported from a dark comedy club to a private slumber party.

at Next Act Theatre

Mike Hover (Host) – Stand Up, Chicago

MikeHoverMike Hover is a big kid pretending to be an adult. Celebrating a love of geek fandom, Mike’s comedy takes you on a fun roller coaster of randomness; poking fun at everything from relationships to time travel. With a spontaneous style and clean sense of humor, each performance is unique and has something for everyone. In 2012 Mike won the Judge’s Pick at The Uncle Clyde’s Competition landing him a role in the film Age of Dinosaurs which was aired on the SYFY network and Netflix. Mike has steadily made a name for himself in the Midwest comedy scene, including performing at the 2015 Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival and headlining in Appleton, WI.

Variety Hour Happy Hour – Sketch, MKE

VarietyHourHappyHourVariety Hour Happy Hour is Milwaukee’s #1 Comedy Variety Act! Each show features a blend of sketch comedy, music, stand up, and special guests, as well as the hilarious backstage antics of our dysfunctional cast that tend to end up onstage instead. It’s sort of like the Muppet Show… if you replace the muppets with a bunch of deeply flawed and desperate comedians.

Brian O’ Sullivan – Musical Comedy, L.A.

BrianOSullivanBrian O’Sullivan is a singing comedian from Los Angeles, California. Inspired by artists, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Stephen Lynch, and The Bloodhound Gang, O’Sullivan uses clever lyrics and catchy tunes to deliver his punchlines. Brian has performed in over 500 shows across the country, and in 2015, he was voted “Roommate of the Year” by his two roommates.

Bobby Hill – Stand Up, Chicago

BobbyHillAble to be found entertaining crowds on any given night, Bobby created the weekly stand-up show, Stand-Up Throw Down, and is a member of the touring comedy collective, Two & A Half Black Men. In addition, he has performed all over Chicago at the Laugh Factory (where he is a paid regular,) Zanies, and Riddles, as well as Comedians You Should Know, Shakytown Live, Ha Ha Cafe and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, the Comedy Palace in San Diego and Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. In addition, he has participated in the World Series of Comedy and San Diego Comedy Festival. Additionally, he has appeared on Playboy Radio’s “Holli and Michael” and is the co-host of “The Trusty Sidekick” podcast with Jay Washington.”

Schedule of Events |
Kick Off Events | Thurs. Aug 4 | Fri. Aug. 5 | Sat. Aug. 6Sun. Aug. 7

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