Comedy Fest Day 3 – Sat. Aug 6

A huge amount of laughs! Every show is different and includes stand up, sketch comedy, improvisation, along with Special Guests, giveaways and more!

11 Years of Laughs! We have packed as much funny into every show possible!  Every show is different and will offer something for every comedy taste.  You can see every show on this list with an All Access Pass, available now! The annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival will take place August 4-7th, 2016. Along with shows at the Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St. (Aug. 6, 7, 8th), MCF is excited to present a Headliner Jen Kirkman at The Historic Turner Hall Ballroom, 1040 N. 4th St. on  Sun. Aug. 7th the final day of the festival.

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Kick Off Events | Thurs. Aug 4 | Fri. Aug. 5 | Sat. Aug. 6Sun. Aug. 7


at Next Act Theatre

A Visitor’s Guide To Springfield Live Podcast

We are a podcast starring a super fan and a guy who has heard of the show. Listen as Tyler teaches Greg the world of The Simpsons Universe.

at Next Act Theatre

David Rader (Host) – Stand Up, Chicago

DavidRaderDavid Rader began performing stand-up five years ago, where he started our featuring at Laugh Comedy Club in Bloomington, IL for the likes of Stewart Huff, Dave Landau, and John Roy. David has now worked out of Chicago for three years, performing at Riddles and the Laugh Factory. He ran Kick Punch Stand Up for two years, and now produces both Desperate Collectors and Black Black Comedy at the WIP Theater.

Brian Bayer – Musical Comedy, Milwaukee


Brian Bayer is a composer of original comedy songs, performed on piano, banjo, and occasionally kazoo if needed. He’s been writing and performing for over ten years, and has played with such groups as D.U.M.B, Variety Hour Happy Hour, Bye Bye Liver, and Tall Boys.

Amanda Cohen – Stand Up, ChicagoAmandaCohen

Amanda started doing comedy when she was 17 and after just 12 years she quit standup to pursue improv at the Second City Conservatory in Chicago. In that past life, Amanda played clubs and colleges across the upper midwest, including many great comedy clubs that don’t exist anymore. After an epiphany in 2015, she remembered she was a comedian. She has showcased at Zanies, Laugh Factory, and other venues. Her influences include George Carlin, Paula Poundstone, and Dana Gould.

Sameena Mustafa – Stand Up, Chicago


Sameena Mustafa is a Chicago-based stand-up comedian, actor and writer. She has performed at the Laugh Factory, Zanies Comedy Clubs, and theaters around Chicagoland. In 2015, she co-founded Simmer Brown Comedy, a South Asian stand-up comedy collective, which has received praise from Redeye, DesiTalk Chicago and the Chicagoist. Sameena was recently named to the Sounding Board, an advisory board for Chicago Public Media (WBEZ/Vocalo).

at Next Act Theatre

Will Green (Host ) – Stand Up, Portland

WillGreenBorn in a cornfield in Michigan, now residing on Maine’s rocky coast, Will Green shares stories about his rural upbringing, 12 years of teaching, and a slew of other triumphs and trials along the way. Using his distinctive style and relatable personality, Will can twist any story into something hilarious. He has performed at Jokers Wild, The Comedy Connections in Maine and Rhode Island, opened for Myq Kaplan and Todd Barry and performed at the 2015 Maine Comedy Festival.

Rehner & Nixon – Sketch Comedy, Chicago

Rehner&NixonChicago comedy duo Rehner & Nixon have been making audiences laugh, cry, and groan with their high-energy, musical, absurd (yet emotionally resonant) material for years. With wacky characters and countless wigs, Mollie Rehner and Katie Nixon use personal stories and a dash of feminist wit to create fresh, exciting, laugh-out-loud shows.

Andy Fleming – Stand Up, Chicago

AndyFlemingStraight off the streets of upper-middle class Memphis comes Andy Fleming, a big bright shining young star of the Chicago comedy scene. Andy brings his perspective to the stage with an energy usually only seen in bathrooms where people are doing coke or in any conversation with Quentin Tarantino. He doesn’t want to change your life, he just wants us all to laugh about something dumb for a little while before we have to go back to our lives. Andy is regularly considered one of the best hosts and (and one of the best comics) in Chicago, and has auditioned for Just For Laughs and performed at shows, clubs, and festivals all over the country. In Chicago, Andy produces and hosts the show Character Assassination at the Laugh Factory, as well as the smash shows The Two-Hour Comedy Hour and Comedy Secrets.

Jim Flannigan – Stand Up, Chicago

JimFlanniganVersatile comedian who is a regular at comedy clubs throughout the country, including Zanies, Laugh Factory, The Improv, MGM Grand Las Vegas and more. 2016 selection for Gilda’s LaughFest and The Great American Comedy Festival.

at Next Act Theatre

Steven King (Host) – Stand Up, Chicago

Steven was a runner up winner of Steve Gadlin’s “Impress These Apes,” at Comedysportz. He was also a former member of Comedysportz’s “100 Comedy Proof.” He’s been featured numerous times on the Chicago Tribune, and he most recently won “Best Stand Up Comedian” At the Lindsey’s Calling Awards at MCL Chicago. He ran his own sketch Comedy Show at iO Chicago called “Super Talent Show” for a year. He has performed in several great Chicago venues like Stand Up, Stand Up and Comedians You Should Know.

…And Beyond – Improv, Chicago
And Beyond takes the classic Armando form and adds a musical element to it. We expand on the And Beyondmonologist’s story through comedic scenes, songs, and dance, the way every exciting moment in life should be seen! And Beyond began performing at MCL’s Music Improv Night and since then has opened for Second City’s house team, Twisty, has performed at the Playground theatre, and will be performing in Chicago Improv Festival this year.

Arish Singh – Stand Up, Chicago

ArishSinghThe comedy of Arish Singh, with its unique fusion of absurdist humor and political commentary has been praised by many, and described by many more as “just not my thing.” Singh has performed with Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show), Kamau W. Bell (Totally Biased), and is featured in the 2016 Chicago Comedy Exposition. He has produced comedy for the Witching Hour festival in Iowa City and co-produces Solid(Hil)arity, a Chicago comedy show that fundraises for activist groups and labor unions.

Xavier Lamont – Stand Up, Chicago

XavierLamontXavier Lamont AKA “XL” is a 6’7” comedy giant! The full-sized funnyman has been ripping up the stage every chance he gets and shows no signs of slowing down. The storytelling stand-up was voted Chicago’s Best Suburban Comedian by his peers and is a frequent performer at all of the best known shows of the legendary Chicago comedy scene. Xavier also appears at comedy clubs all throughout the Midwest. The big man made his feature film debut in Killing Poe (Mr. Brown, Emeritus Productions 2015) and can be seen on TV in ads and comedy sketches on WGN Morning News.

at Next Act Theatre

Andrea Guzzetta (Host) Stand Up, Milwaukee

AndreaGuzzettaI’m a grumpy old man inside an adorable young woman’s body. My day job is stained-glass painter, so I’m on my second dream with comedy. I can paint a portrait, fix a toilet, build a cabinet and tell a joke, I also love hip-hop music and was a Mathlete in High School.
My greatest fear is dropping my keys down a sewer drain, because it’s not technically an emergency, but you still feel trapped.

The Journal – Improv, Milwaukee

TheJournalTHE JOURNAL pushes the boundaries of collective storytelling in fun and exciting new ways. Inspired by an audience member’s life, a narrator recounts chapters from their personal journal. The events described come to life through improvised play.

As new characters, themes and plot lines are added by the troupe, the narrator must incorporate them into their larger tale, and hopefully wrap everything up in hilarious, satisfying conclusion. How the story unfolds is a mystery…even to its narrator!

The Comic Thread – Sketch, Chicago

TCT PHOTO webTCT is proud to be back at the Milwaukee Comedy Fest for the fourth time! Hailing from Chicago, TCT won BEST GROUP: LA Comedy Fest, AUDIENCE CHOICE: Chicago Fringe Fest, and are EMMY® AWARD WINNERS for their web short “The Engagement Party.” Aptly described as “Surrealistic comedy that bends the edges of logic in any particular direction with enough grace that you truly don’t know what’s coming next. And you really don’t care because there’s a 90% chance that it’ll be exceptionally funny” (Express Milwaukee). TCT prides itself on unique characters and regularly ventures into ridiculous territory without a hall pass.

Damon Millard – Stand Up, NYC

Damon MillardDamon Millard is RAW and BRUTALLY HONEST standup comedian. He tackles some dark and touchy subjects. He asks some of the biggest questions: why are we here, what does it mean to exist, and why am I getting fat? From his humble poverty-stricken roots, to the insanity of modern life in New York City, Damon hits all the stops on the roller coaster of his life. His performance is a fearless, high-energy retelling of run ins with the law, failed relationships, and struggle with drugs. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes crude, but never superficial; Damon is a powerful comedic voice who actually has something to say. 

Schedule of Events |
Kick Off Events | Thurs. Aug 4 | Fri. Aug. 5 | Sat. Aug. 6Sun. Aug. 7