Kick Off Event

Kick Off the Milwaukee Comedy Festival right at Lakefront Brewery! The evening will offer a Meet and Greet with comedians, live comedy, a brewery tour and of course some beer!

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Kick Off Event at Lakefront BreweryKick Off Event!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Enjoy some comedy and live music along with a delicious beer from Lakefront Brewery!  The official Kick Off event is FREE for any MCF ticket holder,  FREE with the 7pm Lakefront Brewery Tour or $5 at the door (if you don’t take the tour or have a ticket to the Comedy Festival)!


Lakefront Brewery7:00p Lakefront Brewery TourSOLD OUT!
Come to Lakefront early and take the 7pm tour.  Free admission to the Kick Off event and plent of Beer samples along the way if you take the tour!  You must sign up in advance. SOLD OUT! Tour is $8.

8pm Live Comedy Show – TICKETS AVAILABLE!
Enjoy some of Milwaukees top comedians and enjoy a Free Beer from Lakefront Brewery! Featuring comedy from your host Steve Breese along with Sammy Arechar, Matty Field, Jessie Mahne, and special guest Damon Millard!! Live music will be provided by Milwaukee’s own, The Grasping at Straws!

Admission to the show is $5 or FREE if you have a ticket to any 2015 Milwaukee Comedy Festival show or take any Brewery Tour on Wed. August 5th!

About the performers…

Steve Breese has dived head first into the humor-pool with his shallow and emotionless delivery. Steve has been label as the butt of a joke by a world he thinks is a complete joke. He has obtained a strange point of view from his rejections, disappointments, and failures; which are now what he calls ‘art’. As any self-acclaimed artist, Steve is the hardest working slacker with everything he needs to survive–except the basics.

Matty Field is a 30 something year old white guy from the midwest, so you can bet he’s got some important opinions on things that everyone is going to want to hear about! FINALLY, some perspective from this rarely heard from demographic. He appreciates the absurd and most of the things that made him laugh when he was 13 still make him laugh. He performs throughout Wisconsin and Illinois and hosts/produces a monthly standup showcase at The Backlot Comedy House in Oshkosh WI.

Jessie Mahne – aka Frankie – is a Barber by day and asleep by night. She has been performing comedy since 2007 and refuses to leave Milwaukee. Jessie is an actor with the sketch comedy troupe Variety Hour Happy Hour, and is the trumpet & ukulele player for the Uncle Fergus Magic Whiskey Band. FUN FACT: Jessie recently screamed into Eddie Vedder’s face because she was unable to form sentences in his presence.

Damon Millard started his stand­up career in Milwaukee, WI where he co-­founded The Caste Of Killers Comedy Collective. Now living in New York City, Damon embodies what it means to be a hard­working comedian; he performs nightly, produces his own comedy showcase and hosts the world ­famous internet talk show, The Low­-Budget Show, which he tapes in his bedroom. The product of a white­trash upbringing, Millard proves you cannot take the trailer park out of the kid. On stage, he hides nothing; he is an open book to the audience. All of the embarrassing, cringe­worthy and down­right illegal activities of his life are put out on display. Damon is recording his debut full­length comedy album “The Shame Of It” this December.

Sammy Arechar – Born and raised in Wisconsin, Sammy Arechar is a bad boy. His sense of humor and his stage presence that is often described as “personified chicken salad” has landed him gigs opening for nationally touring comedians such as T.J. Miller, Matt Braunger, Garfunkel and Oates, Johnny Pemberton, Josh Fadem, and Ari Shaffir, along with festivals such as the Milwaukee Comedy Festival and the 2014 Comedy Exposition of Chicago. His hobbies, along with telling jokes on stage, are looking handsome, seeing what’s on TV, and seeing what’s in the fridge.

About the band

The Grasping at Straws blend the sounds of old Americana, country, and blues with a more modern, dissonant rock energy. With a canon of eclectic and catchy songs, the Straws use the traditional tools of multiple harmonies, banjo, guitar, fiddle and upright bass to create a well-rounded offering.

While variations of The Grasping at Straws have existed for the past three years, the current line-up was finally settled in spring 2013. Since then, the Straws have played regularly throughout southeast Wisconsin, performing at local festivals such as Breadfest and Locust Street Fest twice, as well as appearing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for the MKE Unplugged series. The band released of their first full length self-titled album in September of 2013. They have completed a tour with dates in Pittsburgh and Nashville, and appeared live on NPR’s Lake Effect.


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